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A giant Week Since the Launch of seven.3.5

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A giant Week Since the Launch of seven.3.5

Berichtdoor playerhot » zo 11 feb 2018, 08:13

It's Been a giant Week Since the Launch of seven.3.5 - Let's Catch Up

Last week, Blizzard launched the planet of Warcraft seven.3.5 update for the sport. That in and of itself is large warmane gold news. However, within the days between then and currently, plenty of smaller, however terribly noteworthy, things have happened that you just could have incomprehensible . we tend to aim to remedy that nowadays.

Reduction to WoD & Pandaria Raid Boss Health

One of the items that veteran 'mog hunters detected once the readying of the patch was that raid bosses across the board had received a big health boost. that's a decent issue in most cases, significantly in vanilla, Burning Crusade or Wrath expansions since thusme bosses died so quick that instances would bulge out warmane lordaeron gold .

That said, however, the over-tuned health pools of Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria raid bosses was thus high (+300%) that several players found themselves unable to solo or perhaps pair them before mechanics kicked in. confine mind that Blizzard has forever aforementioned that previous raids would be able to be soloed since they were now not relevant warmane medivh gold aside from as mog treasure troves or for mounts, pets, etc. BY here now...welcome!
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